Community Music Facilitation


          Tuning in to Community

When: Sundays 6:00-8:30 p.m. November 5, December 10 and January 7th

Where: Threshold in Madison, WI

Why: In a time when so many of us struggle listen to one another, I invite you to join us in the practice of compassionate listening. Listening is our intention, music is our means! At each gathering, expect an inward listening experience such as a meditation with live music or simply a music listening experience, a group music making experience such as group singing or group drumming, and a conversational experience.

How do I get involved?: Please reserve your spot at our first event by selecting the link below!

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Adult Cello Ensemble of Madison (ACE)

The Adult Cello Ensemble (ACE) of Madison is intended for adults who have been playing cello for approximately 2-10 years and are interested in playing with others. ACE meets to rehearse under the direction of Samantha Sinai once per week for 8 weeks and then the group chooses a performance venue. The group plays a combination of Classical and Contemporary music (rock, pop etc.) and specific repertoire will depend on the experience of the participants who sign up.

To sign up for the next session, please email Samantha at