Community Music Facilitation


Upcoming Community Music Facilitation Dates:


Mondays April 2-May 21, 7-8 p.m. Adult Cello Ensemble at Heid Music

Saturday April 15th, 6:00 pm at Threshold in Madison, WI. “Tuning in to Community”, featuring a conversation led by Alex Jeffers, environmentalist. Connect to one another and explore our connection with the natural world through conversation, meditation, and community singing.

Saturday June 9th 2018 Time TBD “Listen, Hear” with Xochi John, Alexander Technique teacher and cellist. Details to follow.

          Tuning in to Community

At these gatherings, the intention is to tune in to ourselves and to one another through music and conversation. Samantha is passionate about bringing people together to elevate personal and communal wellbeing. So what will these gatherings entail?

  1. An experience such as a guided meditation with live cello music to cultivate presence
  2.  Group “musicking”, usually in the form of group singing. This type of singing  requires no previous musical experience. We sing grounding, simple, repetitive melodies that can be rejuvenating and energizing.
  3. Time for meaningful group conversation



Adult Cello Ensemble of Madison (ACE)

The Adult Cello Ensemble (ACE) of Madison is intended for adults who have been playing cello for approximately 2-10 years and are interested in playing with others. ACE meets to rehearse under the direction of Samantha Sinai once per week for 8 weeks and then the group chooses a performance venue. The group plays a combination of Classical and Contemporary music (rock, pop etc.) and specific repertoire will depend on the experience of the participants who sign up.

To sign up for the next session, please email Samantha at