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An Inward Path Towards World Peace

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An Inward Path Towards World Peace 4



Artist Statement

Elevating the well-being of all people is at the heart of my work. Because when we are well, we can choose to coexist beautifully. In order to truly be well, we all need to have our basic needs met. Once that is taken care of, we need community. We need self-expression. We need love. We need connection. And we need music. 

My work as a musician is to  bring heartfelt, embodied music to people in meaningful, accessible ways in order to promote wellness. I draw from my experience as a professional musician, a music therapist, and a human navigating my own well-being.


Update: Common Sounds

I am currently a part of an exciting collaboration with Barbara Dunn, PhD, LICSW, MT-BC called Common Sounds. Common Sounds uses music and conversation to build bridges between people who may not typically meet. The work draws upon Music Therapy and Conflict Transformation- specifically Barbara’s research in how music can support us in transforming conflict. Please check out our website at http://www.commonsounds.net

Leading my original song, “I Choose Love”