Bellingham Cello Lessons

Please contact Samantha at samanthasinai@gmail.com to inquire about taking cello lessons at her studio in Bellingham, Washington.

Summary of Sam’s Teaching:

Sam Sinai’s main goal as a teacher is to empower her students to become more independent and confident as musicians and as people. Sam enjoys meeting each student where they are and finding creative ways to relay information and inspire them to grow. She believes that it is important for every student, no matter the level, to have a balance of technical study on the instrument and inspiring music-making experiences. Sam encourages her students to find their voice within the music, to express from the heart. She is knowledgeable about posture and healthy body alignment and incorporates this knowledge into lessons to ensure her students are on a path towards playing with ease.


Student Quotes:

Private Students

“Sam took me, as an adult student, from a total beginner (“can I make any decent sounds on this cello?”) to a place where I love my cello and the continuing challenges of learning to play this beautiful instrument.”

-Adult Student

“I like seeing her because she makes everything fun and not boring. She is a nice person. She makes the cello easy to learn and she has a lot of tricks to help you remember notes.”

-10 year old Student

Chamber Students

“Sam is really nice and makes chamber group fun. I like that she is flexible and helps us work together”. 

  -9 year old Chamber Student 

 “My daughter was hesitant for signing up for a chamber group and Sam provided a flexible, fun space for her and her group member to produce beautiful music together and she ended up loving the group. Sam is a good role model for the kids, is kind and enjoys her time with her students. We highly recommend Sam as a teacher.”  

-Parent of Chamber Student 

Teaching Experience

  • Present Cello Teacher, Bellingham WA
  • 2014-2019 Cello Teacher, Heid Music in Madison, WI
  • 2012-2013 Guitar, Ukulele, Piano, Voice, Exploratory Music Teacher, Click Music in Oak Harbor, Washington’
  • 2010-2012 Cello Teacher, Joyful Noise Neighborhood Music School in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 2009 Cello Teacher, Baldwin Wallace Summer Music Institute Technique Classes

I Believe..

  • in individualized, inclusive education.
  • all students are capable of reaching their goals
  • in making it possible for everyone to make music from the start, even if the student is a beginner
  • it is up to the teacher to find out how to best teach to each individual and it is up to the parents and the students to practice diligence to achieve success
  • learning music is more than just learning music..

To contact Samantha about lessons, please feel free to e-mail her: samanthasinai@gmail.com

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