My Music

What you’ll find on this page:

  • Information about my cello relaxation CD
  • Information on hiring me to play at special events
  • Songs that I have written


“From My Heart to Yours”, a cello relaxation CD composed and performed by Samantha


Ordering “From My Heart to Yours”
You can order in one of two ways:

  1. Online: (MP3’s are now available online as well)
  2. Send me a check by mail. E-mail me at for my address.

More about the CD: From My Heart to Yours was composed to create a space for listeners to experience deep relaxation. I invite you to experiment with using this CD as a part of a daily meditation practice. I also encourage you to find ways to use this CD that make the most sense for you.

With the intent to create a space for listeners to fall deeper and deeper into relaxation, From My Heart to Yours was composed utilizing drones, simple harmonies and repetitive themes. The order of pieces was also intentionally chosen to create an approximately 30 minute relaxation/meditation experience. From the first piece to the last, the music slows down gradually to facilitate relaxation and then speeds up at the end to awaken the listener. The CD was composed to be listened all the way through, but it can also have a relaxing effect if the listener only listens to one piece at a time.


Hiring Samantha for a Special Event

Samantha performs on the cello at

  • Weddings
  • Memorial Services
  • Religious/Spiritual Institutions
  • Other Special Events

Some quotes from my employers:

  • “Sam was wonderful to work with! She was a great help through every aspect of selecting the music through our wedding ceremony! The cello music made all the difference in our ceremony and we were so pleased!” -Joe and Jennie
  • “I enjoyed working with you – you were so easy.  And that’s just what a frantic bride needs.  🙂 “

Sample of my playing:


Please contact her directly if you are interested in her musical services.
Chants I’ve written:

Inspired in college by a group of music therapists called The Daughters of Harriet who lead chant circles at national music therapy conferences,  I began writing chants as well. I believe that group singing can truly be transformational.

Thankful for Life

I’m thankful for the earth I live in
I’m thankful for the friends I’m given
I’m thankful for the earth I live in
I’m thankful for all life

I Choose Love

So much pain has come
I can feel it in my heart
My hope for humanity is weakening
and I am afraid

The beautiful thing about being human
Is that we get to choose
Fear or Love
What will it be?

I choose love
I choose love
I will always choose love!
I choose love
I choose love
I will always choose love!

To contact Samantha, please feel free to e-mail her:

2 thoughts on “My Music

  1. Samantha:

    I heard your music at my church (Unity of Madison) one Sunday and bought your CD. Your performance was beautiful and your CD is amazing. Thank you for blessing us with your music and your light.

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