Samantha loves playing all genres of classical music. Recently, her passion for playing new music- especially written by Women and People of Color has grown tremendously. Please enjoy clips of Samantha’s playing on this page. Towards the bottom, there is information about music she has composed.

“Samantha Sinai is not afraid to share her soul with her audience.   She brings her heart to the stage.  Her cello playing is a true pleasure.” -Regina Mushabac, Cello Professor at Baldwin Wallace Conservator. Previous Student and Teaching Assistant of Janos Starker

Kol Nidrei, Bruch

Kol Nidrei, Bruch; Musicians: Samantha Sinai, Kyle Price, Andrew Briggs, Stephanie Knapper, Seung Jin Cha

The Swan, Saint-Saens

Trio in A Minor, Tchaikovsky

Trio in A Minor, Tchaikovsky; Movement I. Musicians: Thalia Coombs, Samantha Sinai, Thomas Kasdorf; Video & Audio: David Alcorn

Direction, Veronica Cator

Direction, composed by Veronica Cator (ronigrace388@gmail.com); LunArt Festival 2019; Musicians: Laura Mericle, Kaleigh Acord, Marie Pauls, Samantha Sinai; Video & Audio: Dave Alcorn.

Trapped in Memory, Snow Seolhee Kim

Trapped in Memory composed by Snow Seolhee Kim (skim443@binghamton.edu); LunArt Festival 2018; Musicians: Laura Mericle, Shannon Farley, Marie Pauls, Samantha Sinai; Video & Audio: Dave Alcorn

Samantha’s Compositions

“From My Heart to Yours”, a cello relaxation CD composed and performed by Samantha

Ordering “From My Heart to Yours”
You can order in one of two ways:

  1. Online: http://samanthasinai.bandcamp.com/ (MP3’s are now available online as well)
  2. Send me a check by mail. E-mail me at samanthasinai@gmail.com for my address.

More about the CD: From My Heart to Yours was composed to create a space for listeners to experience deep relaxation. I invite you to experiment with using this CD as a part of a daily meditation practice. I also encourage you to find ways to use this CD that make the most sense for you.

With the intent to create a space for listeners to fall deeper and deeper into relaxation, From My Heart to Yours was composed utilizing drones, simple harmonies and repetitive themes. The order of pieces was also intentionally chosen to create an approximately 30 minute relaxation/meditation experience. From the first piece to the last, the music slows down gradually to facilitate relaxation and then speeds up at the end to awaken the listener. The CD was composed to be listened all the way through, but it can also have a relaxing effect if the listener only listens to one piece at a time.

To contact Samantha, please feel free to e-mail her: samanthasinai@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “Cello

  1. Just Beautiful! Be sure to put me on your list and let me know when your CD will be available.

  2. Samantha:

    I heard your music at my church (Unity of Madison) one Sunday and bought your CD. Your performance was beautiful and your CD is amazing. Thank you for blessing us with your music and your light.

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